About the Artist

Michael Crockett's love affair with the sea began in 1950, aged eight years old, after hitching a ride aboard a local fisherman's boat.

Growing up in rural Suffolk, in the East of England, his childhood was spent on the muddy banks of the estuary and the shingle coastal beaches. In 1964, after a brief stint as a Midshipman in the Navy, Crockett received an inheritance with which he purchased an old gentleman's yacht. After setting sail, he spent 5 years at sea circumnavigating the globe (often stopping where Europeans were unknown to indigenous folk). In 1965, Crockett married one of his crew in Auckland, New Zealand.

An unusual period of stability was interrupted in 1993 by a trip to southern Russia, coinciding with its emergence as a young democracy and the rise to power of local, self-appointed 'bandits'. Crockett stayed for 25 years, eventually re-marrying a Russian and founding a successful sawmill.

However, business relationships failed and foul play ensued, culminating in Crockett's return to Suffolk. Penniless and in search of meaning, he developed strong interests in Philosophy and Neuroscience which he studied for a year before picking up a paintbrush and charcoal for the first time and happening across both a profound compulsion and a dormant talent. 

Crockett's excellence as an artist is matched only by his prolificacy. His work is characterised by a youthful charm, even joy, richened by a palimpsestic life of diverse interests, mortal dangers and far-flung adventure. 

This website serves to communicate his works to the world.